About a crazy entrepreneur –

1994 – A young boy (around 16) is lying on terrace n watching the summer sky. “To be or not to be that is the question”. He had seen his life’s first cordless phone in a store in Mumbai. He wanted to get it… and he got it (for his home)!! Yeeehhhh!! (Of course from his little money saved)

NOTE: “Congratulations, Aap ke andar Curiosity ka keeda paida ho gaya hai!”

1995 – He started buying the same n selling in small circle.

1996 – Pager!! A voice rose from within… “Vatsa!! Buy it!!” Big dreams in little pocket. But they made their way. Pager wale Babu, he was known as…

1997 – Mobile phones!! A voice again rose from within… “Vatsa!! Try it!!” In, out, up, down, he explored everything about mobile phones. He learnt each alphabet of mobile phones. And he finally proclaimed – “Here’s my true love!!”

1998 – Jumped into a deadly sea of Mobile phones market (This was where the seeds of Mobile Gallery was sown)

2000 – Still the market was growing in slow motion. He could hardly sell 2-3 phones a month. It was good survive  But still, it was kind of gray in market

2001 – Once again a voice rose from within… “Vatsa!! Is it good to sell gray market phones?” answer was – NO… Interval – Bangalore… new place, new market, new discoveries, new dreams, new experience

2002 – Back with a Bang!! He strived hard to become part of huge emerging market of Mobile industry that was about to turn the world topsy turvy

2003 – Finally, the young boy became grown up businessmen offering a completely new kind of Mobile experience in city of Ahmedabad. This is where “Mobile Gallery” was born

And then after, the man (Yatin Shah) and his huge network of customers have been going mobile happily ever after…

Even far back in 2004-05, he was bold enough to business with different, highly luxurious phones and gadgets which gave him a unique position in market.

In 2012, he came up with a distinguished brand of his own – Studio-Y. This brand is a basket of innovative technology and gadgets, and a big step from retail to whole sell business. This brand is proudly distributing so many big brands regionally and nationally.

Today, after 15 years of fully loaded experience in mobile industry, Yatin is providing a wide range of luxury mobile phones, as well as related accessories and gadgets. With extensive knowledge and substantial experience about the various types of high-end mobiles available in the market, the same old dreamer is bringing global opportunities in local market.

Brands have been his besties, and luxuries his expertise.

And his techno hub Mobile Gallery is a one-stop counter for top class mobiles and allied products supplying sophisticated and luxurious mobiles, accessories and gadgets available across the globe; to all customers, mobile lovers and technology fanatics.

He has received many awards

He has achieved many credentials

He has worked for many celebrities

But one thing which is still consistent in this story is his motto –

“Where the style speaks and status matters, Mobile Gallery starts its job.”

What you can’t and don’t find anywhere else, you find here, because here things are driven by technology, innovation and passion.