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    Toreto Magnetic Wireless Music Speaker Twin MAGNO 2 TOR 322

    • Speakers have a magnetic connectable base to perform as one pill-shaped speaker, or as two individual L/R speakers perfect for listening
    • Magnetic and Detachable- This whole-looking Bluetooth speaker can also be detached and used as two separate speakers. So now you and your sibling can listen to the tracks of your choice without putting any silly and time-wasting fight. Let the magnetic magic make your musical world a better place.
    • With 5W speaker and passive subwoofer, Toreto twin magno-2 can play up to 18 hours nonstop music without being recharged
    • Toreto twin magno-2 speakers, along with their shock-proof carrying case, are designed to fit into a bicycle’s water bottle holder. With a hanging ring design, the speakers can be easily attached to a backpack