DAFNI rose gold® Limited Edition

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DAFNI rosegold ®


  • DAFNI’s renowned patented technology
  • x8 times the surface of a flat iron in a smart 3D structure
  • Lower temperatures that are safer for your hair
  • x10 stronger than an iron
  • Can style up to x10 times more hair in each easy brushing stroke
  • Look and acts like a brush (just brush slow)
  • Includes a thermal cover and travel mirror


This innovative hair straightening brush is perfect for quick styling in minutes. The NEW DAFNI Rose Gold’s curved surface allows you to capture more hair in each stroke and get closer to the scalp.

The curved surface perfectly complements the curvature of the scalp to achieve maximum efficiency from the root to the ends of the hair.

Dafni’s patented 3D heating element allows for 10 x more hair to be straightened in a single stroke then regular straightening irons


First & Original

Who else do you
want to be?

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Importe material from all parts of the world

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Saves time!

8 times the surface of a flat iron

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Easy to use

Just brush it.

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Safer for your hair

No hair scratching no unnecessary heat damage.


– Limited edition Rose Gold Color
– Premium gift packaging
– Curved Core™ Technology- concave design that provides extensive reach to the roots
– Springy Bristles
– Safety Tips
– Heat Resistant Material
– Anti Static Outer Bristles
– ON | OFF- Automatic 15 minutes shut off
– Top recommended healthier temperature of 185 ̊ – no more burning and singeing your hair!
– Quick and easy, the unique 3D ceramic surface design allows you to straighten your hair in minutes by simply brushing
– 1 Year Warranty
– Dual Voltage (100-240V)

Package Includes:

– DAFNI Brush
– A thermal cover for easy storage
– A beauty mirror

What’s New?

– The brush color (Rose Gold)
– The transparent package
– Thermal cover + Beauty mirror included
– Curved Core™ Technology
Step by Step Instructions:For optimal results with your DAFNI ceramic hair straightening brush follow these 3 easy steps:

– Step 1 – Ensure your hair is dry.

– Step 2 – As you apply the brush, ensure your hair penetrates deep into the bristles. You can do this by moderately stretching the hair with the other hand like you would using a regular iron.
– Step 3 – Brush slowly to ensure maximum heat is absorbed into the hair. Straighten from the root to the end of your hair in a slow pulling motion. You can use DAFNI on the inner or outer side of your hair.
– Tip – Make sure you brush slowly and your hair penetrates deep into the bristles!


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