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The first true wireless over-ear headphones.
A mix of true wireless earbuds and headband-laden cans, Human Headphones promise the sound of over-ears with a completely wire- and band-free design. Hidden clips go around the back of the ear, holding them in place, while the cups house 30mm drivers and beamforming microphones for excellent sound on music, movies, and calls. The batteries last up to nine hours per charge, and the two units can snap together to charge while serving as a portable speaker.





Note: loose pack (Brand New)

An extension of you : Secure and comfortable, designed to be worn throughout your day.

Portable speaker : Snap together to share your music, watch that video, or translate languages, anywhere.

Truly wireless : Comfortably on, not in your ear. Up to 9 hours of continuous battery.

Touch gesture let you easily control media, phone and digital assistant.

Voice : Our new form optimizes space for two beam forming mics, enabling extremely accurate voice-capture.

Blend : Stay aware of the world around you by bringing in ambient sound.

Dual 280mAh Batteries – Up to 9 hours of continuous life on a single charge and charging while you use in speaker mode.

Beamforming Microphones – Triangulate your voice and not the noise around you for superior call quality.

Dual Dynamic Drivers -30mm dynamic drivers for headphones. Four speakers combine to create 2.2 sound system.

Extended Wireless Range – Bluetooth architecture supports connectivity over 100+ ft.

Translate up to 11 languages in Headphone Mode

Translate mode lets you converse in multiple languages with individuals and in larger groups.


… and in Speaker Mode.

Snap into Speaker mode for group translation. It’s like having an interpreter in the room.


Eyes up. Ears open.

Blend mode activates the external microphones letting you listen to both your music and amplify the world around you.


Communicate on the go.

Allows you quick and easy access to your phone’s native digital assistant. Make calls and send texts with a simple touch. Accurately captures your voice, not the noise around you.


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