nkd POD Water Bottle with buil in filter 585 ML / BPA Free Water Bottle / Leak Proof Sports Bottle


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nkd POD+ Bottle with built in filter 585ML, Rapid Flow Rate, BPA Free, Leak Proof, 1 Touch operation, Hygienic Cap with Safety Lock, Dish washer safe.
Drink healthly clean safe water from taps, rivers and lakes.
Energise your water. Remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, parasites and more.
Slightly alkalise the water and increase antioxidants.
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The benefits of drinking water is well documented all around the world and the importance of drinking clean water free from any disease causing elements is surely one of our most primary concerns. Keeping that in mind the NKD Pod+ Water Filter Bottle gives you an amazing and utilitarian drinking water option so that your energy levels are always intact. The 585 ml water bottle comes with a built-in filter that allows you to drink water from taps, rivers, lakes and ponds without contracting any diseases while the bottle also helps to increase alkaline levels in water to make it healthier. The amazing features coupled with a durable and ergonomic design makes the bottle your ideal companion wherever you are.

Healthy Water Option

The NKD Pod+ Water Filter Bottle gives you your most safest bet for pure and healthy water while on the go. The built-in filter allows you to fill the bottle from rivers, lakes and ponds and purifies it to by removing up to 99% bacteria to give you fresh and healthy drinking water wherever you are. The bottle also slightly helps to increase the level of alkaline in the water which helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream, which in turn leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. The water is also an extremely safe option for children making it an amazing option for every one’s hydration needs.

Convenient Design

Apart from being a utilitarian option for your hydration needs wherever you are, the NKD Pod+ Water Filter Bottle comes with a durable design to give you lifetime guarantee on its usage. Made with BPA free material, the bottle comes with a premium comfort mouthpiece for easy sipping while the hygiene cap provides a safety lock option. The mouthpiece gives you a considerable flow rate while the leak proof design ensures you can store water safely.

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