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  • 35,999.00

    Hurom H-100 Series Juicer

        The all-new design of strainers The only of its kind juice strainer (made of ULTEM plastic) which is designed on base of user feedback. Hurom has taken actual user experiences into consideration to develop its best juicer ever, featuring a completely new juicing mechanism.     Smart dual hopper Insert ingredients into H-100 is amazingly […]

  • 39,980.00

    Hurom H-200 Series Juicer

      All In One. Indulge in free space, free hands, free time. No need to cut ingredients into small pieces anymore with Hurom’s All-in-One Slow Juicer. A complete juicing system from start to finish, from chopping to juicing.     NO NEED FOR CUTTING BEFOREHAND With the mega hopper design, you can now juice whole […]

  • 31,999.00

    Hurom H-AA Series Juicer

    Stylish design, evolved technology in Hurom H-AA Hurom H-AA Series (Alpha) gives you convenience, considering the modern sense of design, an evolution in technology.     Best-rotation from any slow juicer 43/17 rpm After much deliberation on how to perfectly capture the taste of nature in a cup of nutritious juice, we have decided to lower […]

  • 39,999.00

    Hurom H-AI Series Juicer

      Wider body to insert all ingredients together With H-AI Series, introducing the smart hopper, which automatically feed ingredients into the juicer after they have been inserted all together. 60/23 – New operation speed Introducing 60/23 of new operation speed where squeezing screw rotates at 60 resolutions and spinning brush rotates at 23 resolutions per […]

  • 25,999.00

    Hurom HP Series Juicer

        A new milestone in slow juicing is achieved with HP Series It’s ability to squeeze ingredients at the rotation speed of 43 rpm, HP Series is the compact powerhouse of Hurom lineup.   HP series comes with two set of juicing strainers for variety of juicing experience so you don’t need to buy […]