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Our H-AI Series enables consumer to make highest quality of juice at most convenient way. Latest squeezing technology, improved dual hopper, enhanced pulp expulsion function and smart control makes H-AI Series most luxurious slow juicer in Hurom family.

Wider body to insert all ingredients together

With H-AI Series, introducing the smart hopper, which automatically feed ingredients into the juicer after they have been inserted all together.

60/23 – New operation speed

Introducing 60/23 of new operation speed where squeezing screw rotates at 60 resolutions and spinning brush rotates at 23 resolutions per minute to extract even more delicious mixed juices.

Smart dual hopper

H-AI comes with smart dual hopper to insert ingredients more conveniently.

Pulp control lever

H-AI Series gives you freedom to select the amount of pulp in your juice extracted from variety of ingredients.

Three-degree tilt

H-AI drum set is designed to let the last drop of juice out, also it given advantage while cleaning.

200 Watts powerful AC motor with 10 years protection

Care plays an important role for products like H-AI Series and Hurom offering longest 10 years warranty on its powerful 150 watts motor


Wider body allows all ingredients to inserted together

Smart hopper self-feed all the ingredients into the juicer once you inserted all together, is incredibly convenient, because it eliminates the need for repeated manual insertion of ingredients.


Advantage of dual hopper

The dual hopper, which can be installed and removed when necessary, features two slots that have been more efficient juice extraction process with our dual hopper!


Wonderful flavors and vivid colors

Hurom juice, which always features a fresh scent and vivid colors, perfectly preserves the natural flavors and high nutritional value of the ingredients using a juice extraction method that involves slow squeezing.


Fast juicing with a vertical process

The vertical chamber, which boasts a top-down internal structure that is a departure from the original side vents, is easy to use due to its enhanced pulp expulsion function and ease of cleaning.



Smart control with a Jog Dial

The power Jog Dial is located on the front for increased visibility and convenience of use.



More space for you

The juicer’s sleek and slim design makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is so slim that it can fit in even the narrowest of spaces, freeing up valuable space on your counter.



  • Wider inlet capacity

    Chop. Drop. Lock. The H-AI Series runs in that simple structure. Users have freedom to place ingredients all together. The one stop hopper self-feed the ingredients to make healthiest juice.

  • Drops downward! No hassle of collecting pulp separately

    Vertical mechanism help pulp to expel directly below the chamber with extracting juice. This helps to smoothly remove lingering pulp from the chamber for easy cleaning.

  • 60/23 rotations per minute

    H-AI runs at the operation speed of 60 resolutions (squeezing screw) and 23 resolutions (spinning brush) which helps us to make super delicious mixed juices.

  • Three-degree Tilt

    Make juice or clean juicer, the three degree tilt help to get the last drop out.


Technology Alpha Generation
Model H-AI
Rotation Speed (Squeezing Screw) 60 rpm
Rotation Speed (Spinning Brush) 23 rpm
Bowl Capacity 500 ml
Power Consumption 200 Watts
Voltage 220-240 V A/C
Weight 6.4 Kgs
Material Auger – PEI (Ultem Plastic)
Strainer – Ultem Plastic & Stainless Steel
Chamber – Tritan Plastic
Mixing Bar – POM, STS304
Body – ABS
Hopper – ABS
Dimensions 29.6 (W)x 16 (D) x 43.5 (H) cm
Cord length 1.4 M
Standard usage time Less than 30 minutes continuously
In the Box Juicer unit, Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, Juice Container, Pulp Container, Big and Small Cleaning Brush, User Manual and Recipe Book




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