Baseus Foot Quick Heat Sterilization Shoe Dryer


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Rapid Heating;Dehumidification and Bacteriostasis;PTC Constant Temperature Heating;Fire-proof and Flame-retardant Enclosure;Three-level Timing

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Quick Heat Sterilization / Shoe Dryer 


Baseus shoe dryer is a universal gadget that fits all kinds of shoes, regardless of their cut or size. It will work perfectly every day, as well as on the road. It is useful for everyday use of shoes, sports shoes as well as ski boots. 




Temperature and PTC heating system


The Baseus heater ensures a constant heating temperature and even distribution of heat inside the footwear. The temperature is maintained at 65-68 degrees, which allows the insole to dry without damaging the material. The PTC heating system, which contains a ceramic element, gives high conversion of heat energy, and good thermostat performance ensures rapid removal of moisture.




Easy to operate


The device can be operated with one hand using the buttons on the panel. Select one of the three available levels and start the device. The time needed to dry your shoes is only 4 hours (depending on how wet they are). Eight and twelve-hour heating times are also available.




Walking comfort


Protect your feet from the cold and moisture. Dry your shoes before you leave home to feel comfortable even in the coldest days. Do this even when you return from a walk in the snow or jumping in puddles. It is also advisable to use a heater to warm your feet in the morning or evening. 




For your health and well-being


The Baseus heater not only heats and dries shoes but also fights moisture, which promotes the growth of bacteria, fungi or microorganisms. It also fights against unpleasant smells. You can use the compact shoe dryer at home, at the gym, in the office or on the road. 






The device has a number of protections against overheating. It is made of a combination of high-density ABS + PC materials, which influence temperature control. Thanks to the good quality of each of the elements – plug, control panel, and 1.1-meter long cable – using the device is comfortable and safe. The device is also fire resistant.



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