LG PuriCare™ Wearable Air Purifier Mask


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  • Thorough Air Purification, Better Breathing
  • H13 HEPA Filters
  • Dual Inverter Fans and patented Respiratory Sensor
  • Light(126g) and Ergonomic Design
  • Medical-grade Silicone
  • Additionally purchase UV case to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria


LG PuriCare™ Wearable Air Purifier

Technology That Lets You Breathe Again*

A man stands downtown in a city with the LG Puricare Mask on, holding a phone, and looking around with a blurred city in the background.
*Use a fan for ventilation on the wearable device.
*Filter bacteria removal performance 99.0% (TUV 60370661-001) / Product bacteria removal performance 93.5% (TUV 60373486-001).(※ Test bacteria: S. epidermidis (KCCM 40416 / ATCC 12228)).
*Filter virus removal performance 99.7% (TUV 60370659-001) / Product virus removal performance 97.3% (TUV 60373485-001).(※ Test bacteria: Bacteriophage virus Phi X 174; Host: E.coli C (ATCC 13706-B1)).
*Product pollen allergen removal 99.1%.(TUV 60373489-001) (※ humulus japonicas pollen).
*Performance is not guaranteed for continuous exposure to hazardous environments after wearing this product.
*Performance was verified through an internal test conducted under the observation of TUV Rheinland Korea.(date: May 11, 2020).
*This result can be different under actual usage condition.
*Please consult doctor before use if needed.
*3-Step Fan Air flow Control : 20~60 LPM(Low / Mid / high).
*About avg. 30 LPM is needed for walking, avg. 80-90 LPM is needed for running(*LPM: liter per minute). Inhalation resistance 0~2Pa @ 30LPM, Auto mode condition (20~55LPM) based on internal test.
*This result can be different under actual usage condition.
*Internal Test (TUV 60370663-001)
Air leakage rate: Under 10% (KF94: Under 11%) – Leakage rate was measured in accordance with the ‘Health Mask Standard’ test standard.
*Measured after 10 minutes with 5 types of leakage rate evaluation: 1) 2-min. walk at 6km/h, 2) Shaking head left-right while walking for 2-min., 3) Shaking head up-down while walking for 2-min. 4) Talk while walking for 2-min. 5) 2-min. walk at 6km/h.
*This result can be different under actual usage condition.
*Recommended use for adults only.
Replaceable Parts

Replaceable Parts for Consistently Clean Air

Replace parts as needed to keep it clean for repeated use. Disposable filters, washable face pad.
The first image shows the exterior of the face mask with the filter and cap exposed. A blue dot on the filter indicates this is disposable and can be replaced. The second image shows the interior of the mask and blue dots on the face pad and mask ear straps indicate they are washable.


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