Nanoleaf Canvas Touch-Enabled Led light


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Touch-Enabled Experiences Control the lights or play touch games with the palm of your hand.

Flexible Control -Control Square, voice, touch, or the Nanoleaf App

Modular Light Squares -Create your own designs and shapes

More than 16 million colours -For functional or ambient lighting

Music Visualiser – Activate Rhythm Mode and watch your light squares react to sound

Simple Installation – Drill-free installation with the included mounting tape




Nanoleaf Canvas Create Your Own  Masterpiece

WORKS WITH HOMEKIT “Hey Siri, set my lights to Date Night.”  ,

WORKS WITH ALEXA “Alexa, dim my bedroom lights.”

WORKS WITH GOOGLE ASSISTANT  “Okay Google, turn on my kitchen lights.”

The Nanoleaf Canvas was designed to add a dash of playful, ambient light to any room. And yes, it reacts to your touch.

Now that’s elegantly interactive.

Set the Perfect Mood

Activate the ambience you want with the tap of a finger.

Try out the Falling Whites Scene for an intimate dinner party with friends.

Experience Childlike Wonder

Touch the light squares with your palm and watch the scene react dynamically.

Try it out with the Ripple Scene! Mind. Blown.

Reacts to Your Voice

Activate any Rhythm Scene and watch your masterpiece react to any sound. Even a child’s laughter.

Try the Fireworks Scene and watch your light squares talk back.

Let Your Ideas Flow Freely

Build your design to stand out or blend in. You choose.

Use Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Canvas to wrap your design around a corner

Wake up to the Sunrise

Get your day off to a great start and wake up gently.

Try the Sunrise Scene as a Schedule when you want to wake up feeling refreshed


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